DIY Electrical

DIY electrical work is dangerous and illegal.

You may think you can save money by installing an electrical appliance yourself.

But, doing electrical work yourself can: 

  • put you, your household or tenants at risk of injury or death 
  • result in your property being destroyed by fire if the work is faulty
  • void your insurance policy.

Unless you are a qualified electrician you should never attempt to:

  • wire any part of your property 
  • install, replace or move power points 
  • install, replace or move lights and switches 
  • install or replace ceiling fans 
  • carry out any electrical maintenance other than changing a light globe. 

If you are trying to micromanage your home budget it can be a temptation to avoid calling an electrician and try to complete the work yourself. Many do it yourself home handymen try to save a few dollars by going online and finding a helpful website that can give them a step-by-step guide for do-it-yourself electrical repairs. The trouble with this approach is that it is fraught with danger.

If you think you are competent enough to do this type of work without calling a qualified tradesman, why not take the following tests to see whether you are skilful enough.

  • Which pin is the active one in a GPO?
  • If you are inserting a new power circuit into an electric welder what are the factors that will determine the protective device you will use? Also do you know what the ratings of the PD are?
  • If you find an extension lead without a plug and wires that are coloured yellow brown grain, which colours represent active neutral and earth?
  • What tests should be carried out prior to using the lead?
  • What does a circuit breaker protect?
  • Why is the neutral polarity of GPO’s important?
  • How do you install 3 x 1.5 mm multistrand wires into a BP connector?
  • Where should you never instore a junction box?

The fact is if you cannot answer these questions with any degree of clarity or confidence then it is patently unsafe for you to attempt any do-it-yourself electrical work at all. Authorities are at pains to remind us all of the need for safety in the home and the fact that we could compromise the health and safety of our family could lead to criminal charges in the event of faulty analytical work being performed.

It simply is not worthwhile undertaking even the simplest task no matter how easy it seems when it only costs a few dollars to call an expert electrician in to do the work for you. Think of it like an insurance policy. By spending $100 to get an electrician to your house you can guarantee the work will be done safely are properly.


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